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Delia Frees posted Next stop, Beijing!

Take a look at the "Apache Meet Up" (5 December 2008) -- and -- "BarCamp Beijing" (6 December 2008) Then, of course, there's "ApacheCon Europe" (23-27 March 2009) in Amsterdam

Delia Frees: Well, not *my* next stop (bummer) but take a look at the first APACHE MEET UP in China (5 December 2008) and BARCAMP BEIJING (6 December 2008) Then, of course, there's APACHECON EUR... [read more]

Fri, Nov 21 at 5:51PM (1 comment)

Monju posted Captcha

First I want to know that what is captcha?What is importance?Is it really protect spammers and how?Recently we found captcha operator job or work.What is it?Is it legal? Apache can make software.So what kind of software they make?What is the adventage of their software?

Delia Frees: Hi Monju... Check out the Wikipedia definition of "Captcha" Also, you can take a look at the numerous Apache Projects here: Have you been to ApacheCon? If you're able to make it to Beijing, Chin... [read more]

Fri, Nov 21 at 5:17PM (1 comment)

If you're a flickr user please post some of your photographs of the week to:

Shane Curcuru: Reminder: we ask folks to also tag their photos immaterial of what website they host them on. Use either/both of: apachecon ApacheConUS2008 Feel free to make comments on our"ApacheConPictures " wiki... [read more]

Tue, Nov 11 at 9:01AM (1 comment)

This being my first ApacheCon, has been a great experience. So many sessions, so little time. A lot of presenters have noted they would post their slides but I'm having difficulty tracking them down. Will they be collected in a central area or per individual? I just don't have a photographic memory like everyone else ;-) it seems. Thanks and looking forward to another full day of sessions.

Shane Curcuru: Yes, we are still working with all of our speakers to collect and post presentation slides. Many are available now on the half of our website, and after the conference we'll post an easy way to download them. For now, go to the SCHEDULE... [read more]

Fri, Nov 7 at 9:38AM (1 comment)

Sally Khudairi posted HALO/Foodie Dinners – ApacheCon

We're doing it again! Well into its eighth year, the Sally/HALO/Foodie dinners at ApacheCon continue to go from strength to strength. This one is particularly special for me, having lived in New Orleans during grad school so many years ago ... when Emeril had just opened his eponymous restaurant, media darling John Besh was a marine in Iraq and still in culinary school, John Folse brought Lafitte's Landing to London, Paul Prudhomme launched his M... [read more]

Ted Guild: see you there
Sally Khudairi: What excitement, Shane? What are you referring to? As for restaurant proximity, it's less than 2-blocks away from the hotel. See you tonight!
Christian Wenz: I think Shane refers to the proprietary software funeral march

Thu, Nov 6 at 1:05PM (17 comments)

Our sincere apologies on the interruption to the live streaming. Sadly, network problems beyond the conference organizer's control seemed to have dropped part of the network connectivity from the whole hotel (we think) to the larger net. Note that keynotes should be available in the archives later, although today's keynote may have a brief interruption.

Thu, Nov 6 at 12:21PM (0 comments)

Changed room: Thursday morning's three Hadoop sessions are actually being held in Borgne, on the 3rd floor. Hadoop fans can simply stay in the room through the afternoon Hadoop Camp in the same room. Note that they will also be video taping (although not streaming) the sessions in Borgne throughout the day.

Thu, Nov 6 at 12:02AM (0 comments)

Brian Moon posted Night life tonight?

I am having dinner with my wife so I will miss the Wed. night social. Anyone have plans after that though?

Scott Redd: I might recharge my laptop battery after a long day in rooms without power. How's that for exciting! :)

Wed, Nov 5 at 6:36PM (1 comment)

Yes, Bruno Souza, he's here! :-D The Javaman, as we call him in Brazil, is walking around ApacheCon this year with his brazilian flag on his back. Watch out!

Wed, Nov 5 at 5:21PM (0 comments)

Let us know - the planners do read your comments. And as you can see, the Community/CrowdVine portion of our website gives you more ways to connect and discuss with your fellow attendees than before. Be sure to see the per-session Comment sections available, where you can also see who else has signed up to attend the session using the My Schedule feature. Tip: Be sure to fill out your Profile here on the website, so other attendees can find you. ... [read more]

Wed, Nov 5 at 4:24PM (0 comments)

Scott Lamons posted Welcome from HP

Good morning everyone. It's great to be here at Apachecon again along with a number of my colleagues from HP. Please come by to visit with us in the HP booth and play with the mini-notebooks (running SuSe Linux!) that we'll be giving away later in the show. Also be sure to check out some of the following presentations: Phil Robb (Panel Discussion: The Business of Open Source) Paul Holland (What does ... [read more]

Wed, Nov 5 at 9:41AM (0 comments)

Shane Curcuru posted Good Morning ApacheCon!

Hope you're all getting your coffee already, since we'll be kicking off the opening plenary at 9AM today in just one hour. Following my welcome and Jim's State of the Feather talk, we have our first Keynote by David Recordon: "Learning from Apache to Create Open Specifications".

Wed, Nov 5 at 8:11AM (0 comments)

Shane Curcuru posted Conference Schedule Updates Posted

We'll be posting updates to the schedule on the website, as well as on signs by the session rooms; we've had a couple of session changes as well as new special events. Be sure to check your My Schedule for updates as well, and click the green + plus sign to show your interest in sessions - as well as participate in the Comment boards for each session.

Scott Redd: I'm really impressed with how well the Crowdvine software works. I really like being able to see the schedule, and create my own schedule so easily. Nice work!

Tue, Nov 4 at 9:43PM (1 comment)

Rich Bowen posted FeatherCast

If you'd like to talk about what you're doing at Apache - your project, your thoughts on the Foundation, or the community - please look for me and schedule an interview for FeatherCast has been silent for several months, and I'd really like to do enough interviews in the next three days to run for the next month or two. --Rich

Shane Curcuru: Yes! If you have something interesting to talk about either your project's technical direction, or especially social/community ideas that have come up with your involvement with an ASF project, I'd love to hear your interview with Rich and FeatherCas... [read more]

Tue, Nov 4 at 12:20PM (1 comment)

Whichever part of our pre-conference activities you're here for, welcome! ApacheCon is the official user conference of The Apache Software Foundation - which means this conference is all about you, our attendees - our communities. So please participate! Tip: to attend BarCamp you should sign your name in on the wiki page, and then arrive in the Rhythms ballrooms on the 2nd floor on Tuesday morning. This Community / CrowdVine portion of our websit... [read more]

Mon, Nov 3 at 11:47PM (0 comments)

Scott Redd posted Vegetarian/Vegan Food?

Does anyone have any recommendations for vegetarian/vegan restaurants around the conference center hotel? I'd be up for a visit to a vegan friendly restaurant or health food store if anyone cares to join me.

Mon, Nov 3 at 10:52PM (0 comments)

Hello, everyone! I can't believe how time is flying so quickly -- ApacheCon is literally around the corner ... A quick heads up that I've published the first section of Things To Do in New Orleans on the wiki [1]; this dovetails into the HALO/Foodie Dinners [2]. If you're interested in joining us, do drop me a note or add a comment to the entry. Wiki entries "See/Watch/Stroll/Hear" and "Shop New Orleans" are coming soon. Also be sure to check out... [read more]

Sally Khudairi: NEW! Updated with things to See.Watch.Stroll.Hear [1], a few things to buy -- check out Shop. [2], and some new restaurants added to the list [3] [1] [2] [read more]

Sat, Nov 1 at 8:29PM (1 comment)

Hi fellows Apache members, I had to cancel my participation, due to many factors... I'm a bit sad to miss this occasion to share some great time with you all. So please, Sally, Lars, Greg, Bruce, Chris, Brett, David, Dirk-Willem, and all of you who will be there, just have fun and enjoy the conference !

Sally Khudairi: I'm so sorry to hear this, Emmanuel -- we'll definitely miss you! See you in Amsterdam ...

Sat, Nov 1 at 8:26PM (1 comment)

Shane Curcuru posted See you for lunch!

I'll be flying in - er, Jetting - to MSY just in time for lunch on Saturday. Then I'll be spending the afternoon working on the planning meeting for ApacheCon EU next March in Amsterdam. You did already send in your CFP for that, right? Looking forward to seeing everyone! I'll have to find some tricky way to post my schedule, especially to maximize dinners - I can't wait to try a whole bunch of restaurants there.

Fri, Oct 31 at 9:41PM (0 comments)

Hey everyone, We, the Pith Helmet Crew from Syracuse University, are interested in meeting people who are mentoring or participating in projects that are in the incubator right now. The intent is to chat with you on your experiences on the incubation, and directly contribute what we learn back to ASF, and help the podlings in the long run. I'd love it if you send me a message so that I know you're going to be at the conference :) Thanks a million... [read more]

Fri, Oct 31 at 7:02PM (0 comments)

News Flash! One lucky attendee of Thursday's BOF "Web Operations Battle Scars" with Kim Read and Amit Utreja will win a Mini-Note PC! Check it out... and good luck!

Thu, Oct 30 at 1:58PM (0 comments)

Thanks to the great folks at HotWax Media, there are scholarship available for the OFBiz Trainings. Receive 50% off the 2-day training, OFBiz Framework Development, and the 1-day training, OFBiz Functionality Overview. To receive 50% off for either of these Trainings, simply use the discount code < HWM50 > on the payment page of your registration. If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly at

Tue, Oct 28 at 5:25PM (0 comments)

Delia Frees posted Get a Tattoo at ApacheCon

Kevin Schurb, from Special-EFX BodyArt, will be applying airbrush tattoos at the FUSE booth in the Expo Hall. Come get a TAT and show your Apache Pride. He'll be there During the Welcome Reception, Wednesday 6:30-8:00pm, and Thursday 11:00-11:30am and 12:30-2:00pm.

Sally Khudairi: I wonder if Shane is willing to put an Apache feather on his forehead again (as with ApacheCon US/2005 San Diego). When I first saw him post-"tat" I thought he had this rather large bloody gash on his face. Luckily, it was just the ASF logo ;-)

Mon, Oct 27 at 11:03AM (1 comment)

Milind Bhandarkar posted 50% Discount for Hadoop Training !

Just received an email from ApacheCon US organizers that they are giving 50% discount for Hadoop Training ( ---- >We just created a discount code for you to give people 50% off of the >cost of the training. The code is < Hadoop50 > The discount would >apply only to the Training. ---- Hope to see you there !

Delia Frees: A big "Thank You" to the great folks at Yahoo! Developers Network for these scholarships. If you have any questions about how to register for Monday's Hadoop Training Session at a 50% discount, just send an email to, and I'd be ha... [read more]

Thu, Oct 23 at 11:57AM (1 comment)

We're looking forward to seeing everyone in just under two weeks! Most of the planners and many of the trainers will be there the Sunday before the conference, and we're expecting a fair number of people attending parts of the Hackathon and Tuesday's BarCamp - so there are plenty of things to do before your first session on Wednesday. We have some wiki pages for posting New Orleans ideas as well - please feel free to participate there too. wiki.a... [read more]

Tue, Oct 21 at 10:04AM (0 comments)

Shane Curcuru posted Have you registered yet?

Yes, Virginia, registration is open! Don't forget that early bird discounts for regular attendees expire in soon, so sign up for the conference and the show hotel (if you like) now! Be sure to use the appropriate Registration Code: if you have one. Note that we'll be updating and adding to the schedule; the OFBiz Symposium's set of training classes and whole 2 day session track is still being finalized and will be added to the website soon.

Edward J. Yoon: Is there a representative will be available during registration to answer questions or help with any problems we may have?
Shane Curcuru: Well, most registration is online before the conference, so just email us with questions. But yes, there are staff at the conference registration desk throughout the conference available to answer questions. Or, just ask here. Contact Us http://us.ap... [read more]

Tue, Aug 12 at 7:41AM (2 comments)